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May is MCS Awareness Month
 MICAGO Member since 2006:  
  MCS Awareness Month is in MAY 2012 

Wa Governor has signed MCS proclamation for 2012 

The Search for Reliable Biomarkers of Disease in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Other Environmental Intolerances 

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: How Chemical Exposures May Be Affecting Your Health

Dr. Anne Steinemann's new web site      

    WA Governor has signed MCS proclamation for 2009 

             FL Governor has signed MCS proclamation for 2009 
                                 ( 10th straight year)


           Other MCS / TI Proclamations via


           Dr. Ann Campbell MD, article on Enviromental Illlness


          Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Under Siege by Ann McCampbell


          Prevalence of fragrance sensitivity in the American population

          AAEM on Chemical Sensitivity

          Chemical sensitivity: It’s a ‘bizarre existence  


        Lynn's talkcast interview with Dr. Steinemann 01-29-09   

        Lynn's talkcast interview-Dr. Havas on EMF-02-16-09 

        Featured Other Web Sites with great information and links:


        Chemical Injury Information Network

        Connie Pitts Web Site

        MCS-Housing project

        Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured   



         Dr. Martin Palls Web site: 

        07-26-09 (New)   What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 
        Newly rewritten and includes Pall's new toxicology review
        Steve Tvedten   How to kill pests without killing yourself or the earth.......After 45 years in the pest control, I have just finished re-writting my free IMP encycolopedia entitled: THE BEST CONTROL II, that contains over 2,800 safe and far more effective alternatives to pesticide POISONS. This latest copyrighted work is free and about 1,800 pages in length and is now being updated at my newwebsite http://www.stephentvedten.coc   There is simply no need to POISON yourself or your family or have any pestproblems.   Stephen L. Tvedten 
                  Living in a Chemical Soup

                  NIH on Household Products 

                  09-28-07  Position Paper on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


                  Gillian McCarthy's dire situation in the UK.


                   You Tube Videos  

                  General MCS Information Sheet in .PDF 



                  CFS Tool Kit for Health Care Professionals from the CDC---MCS
                  is listed as a Comorbid Condition


                  Cynthia Drasler's interview with Lourdes Salvador


                  Christiane Tourtet's 2009 MCS Display



               Understanding & Accommodating People With MCS---Written By
                  Pamela Gibson PhD 

                  MCS Referral & Resources 

                  U.S. Access Board Fragrance Free Policy


                  Free Sign Downloads:

                  Scents Make No Sence Sign


                  Special link:   Guide to Less Toxic Products


                  02-14-06   Our AMA Petition now viewable

                  06-30-06  AMA letter now viewable in .PDF Version 

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